K-97's Man-Cation


February 27 - March 24, 2017

Long ago, one man discovered Fire...and it's been nothing but work, work, work ever since! A simple "vacation" just doesn't cut it, that's why K-97 wants to send you on the most macho of holidays...the Man-Cation!

We'll tell you all about the 50 "Once In A Lifetime" trips that you can choose from, you just have to listen to K-97 and keep track of the number of your dream Man-Cation!

Weekdays at 7:25am, Terry Evans in the Morning with Bill Cowen will qualify Caller 9 for the Grand Prize Draw, and they'll also announce the other 4 times you can win that day! Everyone who qualifies instantly wins a $50 Pre-Paid Visa!

Then on Monday, March 27th, Terry and Bill will make the draw from all our qualifiers, and the winner will have to identify the number of the Man-Cation of their choice when we call!

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